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Wizard Grinder: “I put this **** on everything – breakfast, lunch, dinner. Made with dried mixed habaneros and a blend of herbs, spices, garlic, and lime, you can take this pocket wizard anywhere and adjust the heat to your taste. Great with rice or pasta.”

3 reviews for Wizard Grinder

  1. Louise Gill

    Our family has been using the Wizard Grinder for over 2 years. We put on everything, we just love it. We put it on eggs, love it on popcorn, roast potatoes, roast vegy, homemade soups, avocado toast. The list is endless.
    It is our go to in the kitchen. Have got all my children and friends hooked. Love that it is local…………… and amazing!

  2. Margo Smith

    My sons use this on everything – from meat to vegetarian dishes – no other seasoning needed!

  3. Jerald

    Love this to add extra dimension to my fried eggs.

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