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Hot Sauce Gift Bag


Share the love of Fat Chili Farms with a holiday gift pack packed with everyone’s favourite hot sauces: Reaper, Ring of Fire, and Wizard’s Choice!

Wizard’s Choice: The customer favourite. One of Fat Chili Farm’s first sauces and it was so good that it stayed. The two primary flavours are cumin and honey. The Chilis used in this sauce are yellow mushroom habaneros, although this sauce isn’t in the “HOT” section.

Ring of Fire: This is the classic hot sauce. Due to the roasted garlic and tomato base,  this sauce can be added to any meal without a conflict of flavours. If you or know someone you know is trying to make the transition from low-quality hot sauce to a locally grown high-quality alternative, this is the bottle.

Reaper: Our hottest sauce, spice lovers be warned. The chilis used are the ever-terrifying Carolina Reaper.

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